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International company “AKSU paddles” was established in 2014 by professional canoe slalom athletes and explorers. Our team has a vast experience in top-level slalom and extreme kayaking competitions as well as in organizing international whitewater and sea-kayaking expeditions. The name AKSU came from the fact that some of us made the first descent on Aksu River (China and Kyrgyzstan). In Turkic “AKSU” means “white water”. 

As professional paddlers we were using and testing a lot of paddles of different brands. But we wanted something with even better performance, so we decided to start producing our own paddles. 

Experimenting with materials, shapes and constructions which is a continuous process helped us to create very successful models. Every blade is an individual hand-made product. We always choose high quality materials and accessories to make sure that our clients will get good-looking high-quality paddles which give a good value for money. You can see the result of our work on the website in the section “Shop”.

Our philosophy is reflected in slogan “Every Stroke Counts”. That’s why we always work on perfecting our models.

You can meet athletes paddling with AKSU in USA, Italy, Russia, Portugal, Brazil, Sweden, Czech Republic, France and other countries.

Find our stand on championships and competitions and take paddles for testing.

“AKSU paddles” team.

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