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  • Indiga is a professional paddle for lake and sea touring.
  • It's good both for beginners and experts.
  • The paddle is very light but due to its thickness it is stronger than many other constructions.
  • The paddle was tested during the expeditions to the cold waters of Barents and Norwegian seas and was named after the seaside town of Indiga located on the far north of Russia.
  • Details

    Width - 15.7 cm

    Length - 47 cm

    Foam - yes

    Edge - Dyneema

    Weight of one blade - carbon 0.28 kg, carbon+fiberglass 0.31 kg, fiberglass 0.34 kg

  • Technology

    First step is vacuum forming. Then making filler and Dyneema edge. The next step is assembly all elements including carbon strengthening.

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