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  • Pierpaolo Ferrazzi (Olympic champion of 1992 in Barcelona) took part in designing A2 and successfully tested it.
  • A2 is a professional paddle for canoe slalom.
  • It provides a very solid and stable pull through the water.
  • Due to its perfect shape and its thin edges the paddle also works very good on reverse and draw strokes.
  • The paddle is very durable. It will hold on during very intense trainings and competitions.
  • The lower edge of the blade is reinforced with a titanium strip. Titanium has very good adhesion with epoxy resins compared to aluminum. Titanium is resistant to the damage from hitting walls in slalom courses or to the rust from salt water.
  • Nice flutes gracefully suit artfully made blade. They also work like extra stiffeners and keep water on the blade. It makes a backstroke more effective.
  • This blade is perfect for professional athletes.
  • A2 is 1cm wider than A1 in lower part.
  • Details

    Width - 21.5 cm

    Length - 49 cm

    Foam - yes

    Edge - titanium

    Weight of one blade - carbon 0.33 kg, closely woven carbon 0.32 kg

  • Technology

    Our blade is a monocoque construction made of prepreg materials (140 degrees polymerization) and consists of 100 percent carbon fiber. The blades have a complex internal reinforcement system. The edge also consists of a prepreg and has a thickness of up to 20mm. There is a vertical I-beam inside the blade, which greatly adds strength. Our new technology gives good durability and low weight of the blade.

  • Feedback

    Pierpaolo Ferrazzi2019

    "Very good paddle, interesting shape. It's stabie in bringing a blade backalongside. The blade is big and has a powerful and dense stroke. It should beperfect for strong athletes."

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