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  • Polo is a professional paddle for canoe-polo.
  • The shape of the blade is ideal for ball-handling, and it provides a solid and stable pull through the water.
  • Due to its thickness the blade works well on reverse and draw strokes too.
  • The paddle is very strong and durable and should stay intact while blocking the hard shots.
  • All edges of the blade are reinforced with the Kevlar and Dyneema® tapes.
  • The blade is made in accordance to the ICF rules.
  • The filling which we use for our blade construction works great under high temperature and it sticks solidly to the carbon layers, which makes the paddle even stronger.
  • Details

    Width - 19.5 cm

    Length - 46 cm

    Foam - yes

    Edge - Kevlar + Dyneema

    Weight of one blade - 0.33 kg

  • Technology

    First step is vacuum forming. Then making filler. The next step is assembling all of the elements including carbon strengthening.

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