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  • Compared to C1 model Raft Pro has a narrower blade. That’s why it’s perfect for rafting.
  • Raft Pro is also good for canoe slalom.
  • It feels more stable than Black Cod when you bring the blade back alongside.
  • The lower edge of the blade is reinforced with a titanium strip. Titanium has very good adhesion with epoxy resins compared to aluminum. Titanium is resistant to the damage from hitting the rocks or to the rust from salt water.
  • Suitable for experts. We don’t recommend Raft-pro for beginners.
  • Details

    Width - 19 cm

    Length - 50 cm

    Foam - yes

    Edge - titanium

    Weight of one blade - 0.41 kg

  • Technology

    First step is vacuum forming. Then making a filler and laser cutting of titanium edge. The next step is assembling all of the elements including carbon strengthening.

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